Monday, January 25, 2010


Blah Blah BLOG.  So, the dear husband asks what would YOU want to blog about?  Well, shoot, anything and everything is the short answer.  The long answer is, what I am passionate about.  Food, gardening, horses, dogs, books, my friends and family, food..did I mention food?

Truthfully, I have already written the great American Novel (in my head), and I've just always wanted to write.  To share this weird and wonderful journey, to hear and learn from others' experiences, to make someone laugh.  There are a lot of reasons to start a blog, and I will probably make a lot of newbie-style mistakes, so bear with me.

About me - Middle aged female with vast and sometimes strange life experience, lives to cook, eat, and spread joy and general bonhomie about the planet.  Wonderful husband who tolerates my food obsession, to include three days straight of trying to create the ultimate Asian noodle soup, and usually has favorable comments to make on said obsession.

So, since life is supposed to be a journey, I guess I'm starting with the middle?  I will begin by letting you know, that due to an extremely cruel twist of fate, we now find ourselves living in beautiful downtown Anchorage, Alaska.  More on this subject later, like when I've recovered from actually living here, like several therapy sessions and sunburns later.  Maybe never. 

Today I invite any readers out there to begin a discussion on a subject near, but not dear to my heart.  That is to say, the subject of the "bad boss".  Having recently recovered from a position which one can compare to the Spanish Inquisition, I can relate to the horror stories of inferior management types, and cannot wait to wallow in empathy with you.  I leave this post today nervous, fearful, but mostly hungry, as I have about a bazillion things to cook before I kick the kettle, and life (and Sunday) is short.