Friday, November 20, 2015

Welcome to Pixie-land!


"To thine Ownself Be True". This is the only option for me going forward. I need to get back to posting about what I love and see in the world around me. With the new-found love of my life, my Jamberry nail wraps!  With that, I'd like to say welcome back, hi to all my new friends from Facebook, and browse around if you are into Food, Fashion and Signature Style at Your Fingertips(tm) with Jamberry Nail Wraps! You can Order anytime and during contests with this link;

Monday's Post will be about creating the perfect BBQ rib dinner! The winner of Monday's contest will take home a package of my custom rib rub, and a pedi-pack to try on yer tootsies!

So, as pain and life goes! This is a recent example of what Jamberry Nail wraps look like on myself...

Koi Pond #6Y67 -  A Beautiful and Feminine Look.

And just what can these beautiful wraps create? That's right, the perfect football day snack...Jalapeno Poppers! Yum.

For my first return-to-the blogosphere giveaway, I will send a pedicure pack, and a copy of my Jalapeno Poppers recipe to the first five Buy three, get one free orders ($45) TODAY ONLY via this link! THAT'S A LOT OF MANICURES AND PEDIS, folks!

So....welcome back those who have been looking forward to more awesome recipes, welcome to new Jamberry friends, and welcome back to Pixie-land! Love and kindness (and beautiful nails!) to all;

Allison Vencel
Independent Jamberry Consultant