Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Campers

After spending the weekend of the 4th actually, really CAMPING with our good buddies Aly and MEH, I realized that even though it may have stretched our less-than-youthful bodies to the limit, we came back refreshed and renewed.  There is something to be said about the invigorating qualities of the great outdoors.  Only a few regrets; I caught no fish, which, is good because then I would be forced to make my Happy Aly bomp them on the head...JUST KIDDING, GIRLFRIEND! Other regrets, I forgot to make the durn s'mores, leaving me with all the ingredients sitting here in our home, useless, and meant to be shared with our buddies. And, of course, the weather was not ideal. Oh, well, that's Alaska in the summertime.

Recently, whilst continuing my search for healthy lunchtime meat-free meals, I came across a chickpea and quinoa curry, that was quick, easy, and  served in one of my favorite breads, Indian Naan bread.  I made a batch, and my little lunch box was ever so happy that day. As Aly would say: "nom nom good".

The rolled-up romaine contained some of the quinoa as well, and provided a refreshing crunch. I actually ended up liking it better in the lettuce.  My whole thing is to avoid that afternoon slump one gets from overburdening one's system with heavy foods at lunchtime.  I think I have cracked the code on this, but I wish I had more energy in the evenings, so I could make it happen every day.

That would be my wish this week, to have more energy on the weeknights. What is your wish? What are your regrets this week? Are you letting them take you underwater, or are you using them as motivators, and lesson-teachers?  I have learned that an old dog can, in fact learn new tricks. My lovely friend Aly (super secret nickname: Willow....because she is beautiful and can flex in the wind, but has surprising strength) has taught me that those lovely positive thoughts I used to entertain so frequently in my younger days need not be replaced with a grouchy, cynical attitude.  Thanks, Aly! Eat well my friends, and remember to learn what you can from everyone around you.

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