Sunday, September 5, 2010

California Dreamin'

My apologies to the Mamas and Papas....there is just no better way to put it! If you have ever lived in the splendor that is Northern California, you know what I mean anyway!  The crisp, but not too cold Autumn, the foggy, chilly winter (but NO SNOW), the Spring that bursts with every blossom, fragrant and beautiful, and the warm summers, only cooled by the Delta breeze in the evenings.  AND...there is the dining factor.

We met up with the lovely A., and took ourselve to Sapporo for supper. A had the sesame chicken, and just look at how yum-a-licious the presentation was...

A assured me that it was as delicious as it looks. Dear Husband had a shrimp dish that I was blissfully unaware of, because I had THIS......

My sashimi assortment included tuna, salmon, and other assorted fishies, and each fish retained it's own unique texture and flavor while melting on the tongue. For all those who are squeamish about eating raw fish....I almost feel sorry for you. I say almost because if you don't eat it, there will be more for me a startling lack of sushi/sashimi lovers in the world......sigh.

The dish was actually even more photogenic than this, but before I remembered that I am a food blogger, I ripped into a few pieces *giggles*.

Today is the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and you know what that means......COOK-A-THON!!!  Eat well my friends, and look forward to pictures and posts of my culinary adventures in Pixie-land.  P.S. I miss you Sacramento and Nevada, and I WILL be back!

Do you have a place that you know you belong to? Did you have to leave there? What are you doing to get back to the place that makes you feel alive?


  1. The sashimi looks to die for! I think there may be sushi in my near future.

  2. Beautiful presentation. Love sushi but never had sashimi. Might be trying soon!

  3. Thanks Jaqui! You should try it...only you will be hooked!