Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Choking Up

I know, I'm LATE!  I promised to update you yesterday, on the fabulous usage of the rest of the can of artichoke hearts I had from the gaseous-but-delicious Morgans' Veggie Patties!  Well, wait no more!  I am a great lover of artichokes, having spent the majority of my adult life in California, where they are plentiful, and cheap.  Here in Alaska, they can cost over three dollars each!  Hence, my using canned artichoke hearts for recipes. 

I really love separating the leaves of whole artichokes, stuffing them with a mixture of garlic, herbs and bread crumbs, and baking, Roman Style.  As above, though I needed I assembled all the players...

Panko bread crumbs, the canned hearts on olive oil in a baking dish, fresh parsley, rosemary thyme and oregano from the herb garden, garlic (of course), Parmesan and butter.  Salt and pepper were added too! I mixed all the herbs, garlic and parmesan and gently stuffed each heart with the mixture.  I then topped with small bits of about 2TB. butter, and grated some additional Parmy-goodness over the top.  It was ready for oven time...

Then, bak-age in a 375-degree oven until the artichokes acheived GB & D status (golden brown & delicious).  About 20 minutes later, voila!

When it came to serving time, a little squeeze of fresh lemon, and I must say...outstanding!!

What dish do you modify due to expenses, or time?  How does it come out?

Eat well my friends, and don't touch that of Alaska State Fair foods coming next post!  From the garlicky goodness going on here....ta ta!

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