Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brunette or Blonde?

I admit it freely and without guilt. I. CANNOT. MAKE. BROWNIES. Boxed or scratch, fudgy or regular...the brownie Gods have never smiled upon me, ever. Hey, don't laugh, although a self-taught cook for the last thirty years, I can, in fact bake. I know someone who can't make rice, ok? Ok, self-defense moment over. They are always sodden in the middle, and a little too crispy on the edges. And yes, before you pixie-helpers chime in, I've paid attention to weather conditions, oven temperatures and the like, I'm a cook, remember? Anyway, I simply had to post this photo, because I had success in a related realm.

BLONDIES!!! That worked! That were cut into actual bars....that stayed being bars! First of all, I could not believe it, secondly, my co-workers were certainly happy, and thirdly....I...MADE....SOMETHING...RESEMBLING...BROWNIES...THAT...WORKED!!

What one dish did you finally conquer?

Next; really and truly conquering brownie land. Will I get brownie points? Pixie Points...oooooh, there's a concept!  Eat well, my friends.

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