Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Experimental Cuisine

Everyone that knows me, knows I have weighed about the same my entire adult life ~ with the exception of pregnancy! This has been one of the greatest gifts I feel that I have been given. In addition to being blessed with very good health, my weight has never been an issue. Then......I moved to Alaska. 

The nature of the climate here makes it rather a necessity for me to be indoors for a large part of the year, and totally vulnerable to the goodies I want to create, hiding in my pantry and refrigerator, just waiting to jump out and yell; "MAKE MEEEE TONIGHT"! I, of course oblige them.

So, fast forward two years, and I have joined the human race. I need to lose weight. I determined that my method would be to stop eating the fattening breakfasts here at work, serve my supper on the salad size versus dinner size plate. My work breakfasts became healthier, like this........

The result? Six pounds lighter in less than two months! The feeling of success at something I have never tried to accomplish before is wonderful! I did it all while still eating what I enjoyed, and just cut a few of the not-Pixie-friendly items out.

What personal success took you most by surprise? How did you accomplish it? How long did it take?

Eat well my friends, and get ready for some comfort's Autumn!

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