Sunday, November 14, 2010

Far and Away...

The big announcement, put simply, is that we have moved! I got my wish, and by some miracle, we were able to return to the continental U.S. from Alaska. The sad part is, I had to say goodbye to some amazing friends that I will cherish and remember forever. Thank you to all of you who kept me sane, welcomed us into your homes, shared great dishes and memories, and made it all worthwhile.  Also, farewell to the best work buddies in the world....

To Benita and "Dan" and Aly and R, Maria and Julie, Randy and Tim, (and all those I'm forgetting to mention) and everyone we met along the way, thank you for your friendship. So to DB, two-hands, Karina and the waves, Mushie, Bam-Bam (Princess), AC, Flat-line, and all of you, I miss you all already, and never forget "That was Easy", and our favorite.. "GOOD FOR YOU" I will post pictures of our incredible journey, and describe what a frustrated chef on the road does in captivity this week.

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