Friday, January 28, 2011

Curry Magic

Today I was craving something comforting, but spicy and tasty, too. I'm in the fourth week and flavor of the cooking competition for the Real Women of Philadelphia contest, and it's beginning to take it's toll on me. At the risk of sounding like a whiner, moving into a new home, job-searching, blogging and recipe developing and testing and then filming, my energy levels are being seriously tested indeed. In fact, sometimes, when Dear Husband asks what we're having for supper, I want to say "RESERVATIONS"! HAHAHA...OK....clearly I need some rest.

Anyhoo, when I looked in the fridge for leftovers to turn into something special, all I could find that had potential....was this..

Leftover baked potato, the rest of the bag of frozen cauliflower, and an onion from the Pixie-Pantry. Oh! Wait a minute! I also had this!
Leftover Basmati rice, from last nights' stir fry. An idea was beginning to hatch in my tired, media-addled brain...curry!  I raided the spice cabinet and look what I found!

We are SOOOO in business! First, saute' a little wedge of onion in some butter, and plain vegetable oil until soft and tender..

Then, cube the leftover cold baked potatoes (peeled) and add and saute until crispy on the edges, and warmed through.

Then, add a chunk of the curry paste, some curry powder, the cauliflower, some cayenne pepper and some cilantro. Here it is before mixing and adding the liquid ingredients...

Finish the dish by adding a small can of coconut milk, and a little water.Bring up the heat until all are warm throughout, and the sauce has thickened around the vegetables a little. You want a nice sauce to go over that lovely and fragrant Basmati rice. I garnished with a little chopped pickled jalapeno. The results? Think about this for a minute. The rice and potatoes were leftover in the fridge. The rest of the bag of frozen cauliflower was dying to be used up. The spices and coconut milk were in the Pixie-Pantry, and well...quite frankly, this is a gourmet Indian lunch that probably cost one dollar!  The flavors were spot-on authentic, the coconut milk mellowed the spices a bit..and, well..I must say, just delicious!

What exotic treat do you make yourself because you cannot resist it?

What did Kitchen Angel think?  You know, I'm not so sure....last I saw her, she was mumbling something about "blasted snow", and "Ft. Lauderdale"!

I think that's a visor, and beach towel!

Oh well, if I cannot be somewhere warm, I can have a warm, authentic, and delicious curry for lunch, without breaking the bank, or even leaving the house!

Eat well, my friends......and until next post, Love and Kindness to all...................


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