Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leftover Magician

Yes, I know we must get back to our amazing stretchy chicken, but hang on now, I cannot have chicken every night, you know? We'll get there, I promise. In the meantime....while craving my traditional non-traditional breakfast (as per usual), I came upon the following leftovers/items that needed used up....

Hmmmm...basil on it's last leg....freshly grated Parmesan, garlic, leftover pasta (linguine), and the rest of a bag of delicious pine nuts. POOF! It's time for presto pesto! It's amazing how quick and easy you can be eating gourmet Italian food with just a few items in your fridge, pantry, or garden.  Here's how you do it...throw that basil into the food processor. Add the garlic clove, about a teaspoon of salt, the Parmesan and the pine nuts.  Here it all is, ready to roll....literally.

Sidebar note: walnuts or even peanuts work just fine in this...the strong flavors of basil and garlic really overpower the nuts anyway...they are more important for texture in the final sauce. Blitz that all together until finely mixed into an herby this

 Then, with the motor running, blend in about 1/4 cup of olive oil, until you have a sauce thin enough to coat your should look like this....lovely and green..

 Well, what can I say? It was rich, herb-a-liciously good!  I tend to get a little maxxed out on pesto, so of course, I kept it to a Pixie-portion size...but, lookey here!

 Another close up of this carb-tastic breakfast?

It was, and is a delicious, garlicky start to the day, that I'm sure will fuel me into a productive and healthy day!  What did Kitchen Angel think? Hmmmm...not sure what she's been up to lately, let's go have a look..

There she goes....heading out to the garden with my pansy seedlings! My goodness, that lady needs to learn some patience! Stay tuned for the creation of the garden here in Pixie-land, the rest of the meals from our rubber chicken, and all things good and tasty.

Have you planted yet? Are you stuck without a yard and forced to garden in containers? I've been there too...keep the faith, and keep growing something....always!

Eat well, my friends.....see you next time. Love and kindness to all,



  1. Pesto is my favorite!! This is inspiring to me today. Hmmm, maybe this for dinner tonight? Yes, please!

  2. I'll be right there to whip you up a batch...