Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in the...

Yes, I'm back to working for a living...which explains my prolonged lack o' blogging. However, comma...I HAVE made some healthy workplace lunches to tell you about, because of course, as a grazer non-stop eater, I must of course, share the wealth...this was my lunch on one of those first, awkward days...

Clockwise from left...home-made tabbouleh (cracked wheat salad with tomato, cucumber, mint and parsley), homemade Japanese Udon soup, fresh, segmented grapefruit...and a nectarine.

I'm sure that on that particular day (especially being new back to the working world), I regretted not having a "crunch" component to the menu...but I was too new, too intimidated by the "I don't know you, and I think you are going to think that I'm weird" part of the worry about it...

What do you do, when you are new, to make yourself known?

Eat well my friends, and comment when you's a busy life when you are a working woman! Love and kindness to all,


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