Friday, February 1, 2013

Deli Breakfast

Sometimes, I crave the diversity and choice that a large metropolitan area can bring. Fortunately, for the chef in me, I can create what I am craving. Case in point ~ recently, I actually wanted breakfast. I know, try to keep from fainting. For those who actually like waffles, or cereal, or pancakes, or any of that "breakfast-y" stuff, YAY! But, I cannot say I'm in that club. I DID recently discover, however, that canned smoked salmon tastes very much like that pricey, fresh smoked salmon that you can find in the deli or seafood section of your local supermarket....and just guess what I had on hand in the house?
Yup, looks like a New York deli bagel, lox, (smoked salmon) and cream cheese breakfast is on the way! Oh, and it takes, like five minutes to make. excuses, you can treat yourself to this in the morning, before work, school, or back-breaking, um, regular household work. First (and clearly this is rocket science) toast the bagel, and spread with a heart-healthy butter of your choice...
Then, spread with your cream cheese. Heart healthy and fat free choices are available, of course.
Now, place some leaf lettuce attractively on top ~ the cream cheese will help it to lie on the bagel nicely. (Gotta love morning light on beautiful).
Then, flake the smoked salmon over the lettuce....
Now, sprinkle the top with your capers, thinly sliced red onion, and garnish attractively with your lemon. Please do use the lemon and capers when you make this, they brighten and lighten the deep, smoky flavor of the salmon in a wonderful way. My results?
Another shot? Of course!
Another way to present and serve this dish? (Maybe breakfast in bed for your honey?) Sure...
This is an easy, elegant, cosmopolitan and delicious way to start a weekend morning, a weekday morning...shoot, any morning! 
Eat well my stop...something European! Love and kindness to all,

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