Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad day at the AK corral

Living in Alaska is tough enough, especially when you are used to the beautiful, gentle climate of Northern California.  So, yesterday, being a Monday, and feeling especially lethargic, I did the unthinkable......I made a frozen pizza for supper.  Yes, I know, the SHOCK and HORROR of all of you who are like me, and cook from scratch nearly every day.  Now in my defense, I did chop bell pepper and green onion and added it to the pepperoni-only pizza, but still.  So here, in the frozen North....I fell off my from-scratch wagon, and relied on a frozen product.  Sometimes, life gives you frozen pizza.  It was just ok in the taste department, but what did I expect?

Today is a new day, however, and I am feeling like knocking it out of the ballpark with Coq au Vin (chicken in red wine) served with roasted garlic mashed potatos, and a green vegetable.  Just the thought of such a warming, comfort-filled meal makes me feel better already.

While I'm on the subject of comfort, just a word to those who are bashing one of my heroes, Anthony Bourdain (from the show No Reservations on the Travel Channel), get a grip.  So what that he has a sponsorship deal with a credit card company!  This man, who's travel and dining experiences, the way he describes the foods, the love and ambassador-ship he brings to us as Americans - all are invaluable.  I have never heard anyone's descriptions of the dishes, the individuals, and the locations to be as wonderful and heart-warming as his are.  Let us not forget, this man spent 30-plus years standing on his feet, making quality foods in restaurants for our dining pleasure!  So now, in his fifties having found a decent comfortable living, and with a wife and child to support, who are we to judge?  I daresay that I don't know about you, but if I could quit my day job and make my family's future more comfortable by a two-second flash of a credit card during my TV show - all I can say is......WHERE DO I SIGN?  Give the man a break.  He is still as snarky and observant as ever, and is one of the least phony food personalities on the planet. Go Tony! Ok, off the soapbox and into the kitchen.  Look in the mirror, learn tolerance, be kind, and eat well my friends.

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