Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today's food adventure; home-made "Boursin"-type cheese.  I understand that it comes out tasting just like the store bought version, but at a fraction of the cost.  The reason I must make this, of course is because I must duplicate the burger I saw on a certain Food Network show. 

I readily admit to being a huge fan, although I do agree with some of the observations made on that food network humor website.  After a while though, I find myself thinking that some of the commenters are just bitter people who get some sort of thrill by negatively bashing the personalities on the network. Even foodie Gods like Tony Bourdain get mocked, and for no good reason!

I for one, admire the Food Network chefs and cooks, and applaud their success.  It also takes guts to put yourself out there, knowing full well that you might be subjected to just this sort of negativity.  I had a recent experience that made me realize just how brave these people must be.  I decided that I, yes, humble me simply must go out and buy a digital video camera, and cook and post the results on YouTube. Perhaps to educate new cooks, or show that even "gourmet" dishes are not really difficult, something to that effect.

Let's just cut to the part where, after many failed attempts to have my entire head in the same frame as the stove-top area, I finally got the camera set up right.  Nothing like seeing your headless self standing in your kitchen, talking to pretty much no one.  The bottom line is that, since the great state of Alaska has endowed me with an extra ten pounds, I could not believe how fat I looked on camera.  If the camera add ten pounds, I must look like I weigh one hundred and forty pounds!  Now, I know I should not complain, but having been one hundred twenty five pounds most of my adult life, this is a shocking and disturbing new look for me, to say the least. 

The video camera is sitting in my office, awaiting my return.  It's gonna be a while. For those of you who actually HAVE a spring time, enjoy.  I will sit here and watch the snow blowing sideways, make my home-made boursin cheese, and silently seethe. Oh, and I'm quitting smoking - HELLO TEN MORE POUNDS, nice to meet you!

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