Friday, March 5, 2010

Stone, really

This is further proof that the universe is constantly trying to tell me "look, I know you are doing your best, but, hey, I'm gonna MESS YOU UP anyway".  This morning, feeling particularly virtuous, I made a health food soup called miso soup.  This soup was made in the macrobiotic manner, with carrots, tofu, scallions and wakame (a seaweed type) in a miso (bean paste) broth. I divert a little from macrobiotics, and throw in a dash of sesame oil and soy makes the seaweed a little more, well, edible.

Feeling rather chuffed with myself, I sat down, turned on a news program (thereby feeling informed as well as virtuous), and proceeded to eat the soup.  About halfway into the bowl, as I ladled another spoonful into my mouth, I bit down on something incredibly hard.  My first thought was that I had broken a crown or tooth.  I was dreading the inevitable dental visit that was soon to follow, and I spit out the offending object into my palm.

It was a ROCK.  Now, I presume that this ROCK was once a ROCK floating around in the sea, and when those ever-lovin' seaweed harvesters gathered this nutritious sea vegetable, they did not see my ROCK floating around in the seaweed.  I'm sure it was overlooked, having as little nutritional value as ROCKS generally do, but REALLY?  Why me?  I swear I am a weirdness magnet.  If there is any weirdness to be had, the universe is gonna sock it to me good.

I threw it all out, rolled up two, count 'em TWO slices of pastrami with brown mustard and ate it while switching over to less informative, but certainly mouth watering food-related television.  Sometimes being virtuous just makes the universe kick you a little harder. 


  1. Rinsing and soaking the seaweed is a process that would help identify and filter out any unwanted matter including rocks, tiny snails and other matter.

  2. Thanks, Phiya....I was too lazy to pre-rinse!