Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oh blog, lovely blog, how I have neglected thee.  Ok, truth be told I have been working on a food-related issue that has been simultaneously time-consuming, challenging, embarrassing, and yet, fun.  This "project" has to do with a national recipe contest, and to keep things pure, I will not post my dishes, nor the name of the contest until it is over.  I will, however let you in on the fact that it is actually a good thing that I purchased that internet-ready video camera. 'Nuff said.

Today I returned to the roots of my normal, California-style eating habits. I steamed a bit of organic broccoli, gave it a little pat of butter, and drowned it with fresh lemon juice.  A little salt & pepper, and lunch was served.

Now, given my recent weight loss, and return to less "comfort food" (read as; totally fattening food), one would have to have a serious lack of brain cells to NOT see the correlation. It kind of makes you wonder why it is that the weight loss industry makes gazillions, when the formula is pretty simple.  Burn more calories than you take in, when you eat, eat healthy, and get excercise regularly. Now, this obviously excludes those with medical or genetic issues that keep them from slimming down, but what about the entire rest of the population?  I realize now, there is no excuse.  I also applaud what people like Michelle Obama, Jamie Oliver and others are doing to combat obesity and encourage healthier eating habits.

I feel lighter, healthier, and my energy levels are returning to normal.  After an Alaskan winter, whereby hibernation is the standard practice, perhaps it is truly time to embrace the rebirth of not just Mother Nature and longer days, but a rebirth of the self. Tonight, I am oven-roasting a whole turkey breast, and serving it with some wild rice and a green salad.  Hello Springtime, I welcome your cheerful enthusiasm.  Enough to make you believe that there will never be cold, dark, snow and misery. Ever.  Eat well, my friends.


  1. Eat well O'friend. Tonight, I had Indian food - not heart healthy, not light, not for the faint of heart. Spinach and cheese cooked to "medium" heat. Well, medium was not hot enough, so I put on the japapeneo chutney. Now that was good.

    Keep cooking!
    From the lower 48!

  2. "M" good for you! You know, a "not healthy" meal every now and again, is what makes the world go round!