Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farmers Market

Spring does finally come to Anchorage, and with it the multitudes of farmers markets with their beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Last weekend one of the first markets opened for business.  Now, there was not a lot available yet, but in combination with the local grocery stores, I was able to gather enough to make a favorite summertime dish, ratatouille.

This dish to me, epitomizes the fact that when one combines perfectly fresh ingredients, and a long, slow cook time, one achieves dimensions of flavor unheard of in the fast-food, pre-packaged ickyness that goes on today.  Here is the result, at the beginning of an hour long simmer, with simply garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper to enhance the flavors.


The simple beauty, but complex flavors are a prime example of using mixed vegetables to elevate a regular old side dish of vegetables to something that shines by it's own merit. Eat well my friends.

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