Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Working for a living

I've recently returned to the full-time workforce, and did not want to compromise my recent weight loss, or heathly eating habits. A friend directed me to cute little Jennifer McCann's blog (, and I was just fascinated by the attention to detail paid, the healthy-looking food, and the variety she has been able to produce. I was inspired to run to the store, and purchase one of those cute little compartmentalized lunch boxes. My first day at work was made delicious AND healthy by what I packed, pictured below.

The light blue "domino"-looking thing, is the ice pack, that sets above the salad, on holders that keep it off the food, while still keeping your food cool.  Breakfast was the cooling and yummy straberries and cantaloupe.  Lunch was the salad and oriental noodle mix (store-bought, I admit).  Snack was the whole grain crackers and super-sharp cheddar.

Now, I may still be a meat eater, but there is nothing to keep me from having a salad lunch every now and again.  In fact, now that I am back to work, I need to NOT be dragged down into that sleepy, post-lunch feeling!  The two smaller containers fit into the larger one, and they all have lids.  Plus, they all have measurement marks on their sides, so portion control is a snap. Now that I'm into my second week, I find the most difficult part of the whole operation is; having enough energy to make a nice healthy lunch!  I try to get it done while preparing supper, because food in the mornings is just not my thing. 

Eat well, my friends, pack a lunch, and save some money and eat healthy, too!

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