Friday, July 23, 2010

Salad Daze....

In my never-ending quest for healthier (and cheaper) lunches, I ventured over to lovely Gena's site and read her section on making meal-sized salads. I quickly threw some just-washed spinach, a little iceberg lettuce, some organic grape tomatoes, cukes, red bell peppers and scallions in.  I made a simple vinaigrette with extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt & pepper.  The fresh factor is what I like best about this beautiful salad.

I brought it to work, and have been happily munching all afternoon.  It is perhaps not a meal-sized salad per se, but it is more than enough to satisfy my lunch tummy.

Oh, and you see that "plastic" fork there? That, my friends is Bioserve. It is made with wheat, and composts/biodegrades by 50% in just 90 days! Further proof that you need not sacrifice the environment to have a little conveinience. I bought the package (which includes spoons and knives) for our camping trip with Happy Aly and her husband, and I've been pleased as punch to know they are somewhere biodegrading instead of staying around until the next ice age.

What do you do to limit your impact, or footprint on Mother Earth?

I am headed off to a great adventure this weekend.  My first-ever business trip! ME! Trotting through airports, eating tiny bags of peanuts! Staying in a hotel, and getting a rental car! It all sounds very sophisticated and worldly and grown-up to me, but, I have a hidden agenda.  It's all about the food, my friends. I'm going to be that weirdo dedicated blogger that takes pictures of her food in restaurants!

Eat well, fly safe to all those who travel to better themselves and their companies.  I'll be posting soon with stories of travels to different lands, different foods and much-anticipated warm weather!


  1. You are a true foodie. Can't wait to see all the food you try on your trip. Enjoy!

  2. MEH and I do our best to buy larger quantities of things so we aren't constantly buying, say, small bags of rice or containers of produce. I also reuse my bags from shopping/winestyles as much lunch bags and when they are on the last of their last legs, take them back to Winestyles for them to recycle.

  3. Thanks Anon!

    HappyAly - you've got it right!