Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crunch & Munch

It's not hard to find healthy lunches, even in meat-centric Anchorage! for instance, Dear Husband and I went to a local pizza joint, Uncle Joes for lunch today, and I got to crunch my way through this!

I just realized that the arrangement of the salad dressings on the plate, make it look like a funny face.... OK...back from being six years old again!  What I enjoy about this salad, is the fact that it's all romaine lettuce, that lovely purple cabbage is added for the crunch I must have, and that the house dressing is tangy and spicy, and an unusual tomato-y goodness.

So you see, even if you are not ambitious enough to pack yourself a healthy lunch, there ARE some options out there. By the way, I did make the California tri-tip supper I spoke of a few posts back, it just went so fast that I could not photograph and post about it! Ah the hazards of being a good cook....

What do you pack for work lunches? Do you get lazy and have to buy lunch out?

Eat well my friends...ta ta for now

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