Thursday, September 23, 2010

All the Comforts

I am a true Cancerian. Although I love to travel, it is home that I love to be. I view working for a living as that horrible monster that keeps me from being Suzy Homemaker, and trading my time for paper that enables us to pay bills and buy food is a poor substitute for real life. What is real life? Well, in Pixie-land, real life would be getting up on my 40-plus acres, feeding the horses, and picking whichever vegetables I would be preparing for supper that night. I would spend the day planting or cultivating my incredibly large garden, picking flowers for the house, hanging out with Dear Husband, and LIVING!  This, my friends, is just EXISTING. All your time, just-a workin' for da man.....sigh.

Anyhoo, that entire pity party was my way of saying that when I leave for work, I am consumed by a panic that makes no sense. I am filled with fear that somehow, some way, I will not be able to find FOOD!  Keep in mind, that Alaska, and the place I work are known for making sure that A: there will always be food around, and B: there will be a workplace potluck almost every single day.  I'm also right down the hall from a cafeteria that has so much food, soup, sashimi, sandwiches, breakfast, salad bar, hot lunch, etc., that people here have a tendancy to gain weight, and fast! There is no lack of food around...but still, when I left for work today, here is what I felt I must bring in case I felt faint from hunger, of course....

The grapefruit slices are going to be the first to go, there's no doubt there. The dry-roasted almonds will almost certainly be next in line, and the yogurt and breakfast bar? Well, they may just end up riding the insulated lunch box along with the rest of the goodies I brought.....which include;

Home made Portuguese chicken soup (Canja), jujy fruits candy, beef jerky, sno-caps candy, apple cider mix in an envelope, hot chocolate mix, cup-a-soup, hot tea and snickers bars. Ummmm yeah, let's face it, not only will I not starve, but in a survival situation, I could potentially feed my entire department for a couple of days.

What secret snack do you smuggle into work? Do your co-workers know you are sitting there eating pickled herring, or enough Halloween candy for the neighborhood?

Eat well my friends, and when you go home tonight, look around at your warm and comfortable home, and be grateful.

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