Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Evil Snack Fairy

Back to the soon-to-be-famous; "Borderline Pointless Letters to No One in Particular"

Dear Evil Snack Fairy,

I realize that I am a vulnerable person. I live in the new-to-me frigid and gnarly state of Alaska, and must immediately prepare and eat whatever strikes my fancy, especially if said item looks awesome and tasty. I am vulnerable because I cannot mow a lawn, garden to my hearts' content, or otherwise keep as active as I like to.

You, evil fairy do not care that it is four pm on a Sunday afternoon, I must have supper on the table oooohhh, within the next three hours or so, and will be too full, and guilty \highly satisfied, to consume the meal I prepared. No, you just abuse me with your tantalizing thoughts of perfectly cooked pasta, finely chopped onion, chili (with beans, thank you for the combustion later, too), and a mound of shredded cheddar that would make Rushmore blush!

Oh thank you evil Snack Fairy.....

Ok, rant over. Truth be told, that Cincinatti-style chili was freakin AWESOME! And, althought I do not remember exactly what it is I made for the "household" supper that night, I do remember serving it with a smile.

What do you make and consume with unbridled passion, without a care for the consequences?

Eat well, and indulge the Evil Snack Fairy...if you don't she will come at Midnight, anyway.

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