Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm kind of weird about thankfulness. Most people probably think I'm the worlds' biggest ingrate, but I truly am not. I am thankful that I have a warm bed to go home to, a fridge and pantry full of lovely food to cook, a husband who is the reason that I can actually even breathe, and friends and family that love me. I love them, too. So why, oh why can I not shake this horrible, mind-numbing feeling of doom and gloom? It is probably due to the turbo-charged rapidly shortening days and increasing frigid-ness that is Alaska at this time of year.

On the bright/funny side, I fell in love with a new blog, go check out hilarious Allie ! And don't say I did not warn you, there is language-not-suitable for short, new-ish people in the world (kids). In the spirit of her hilarious site, and since I'm kind of a doodler myself when I'm not cooking, talking about cooking, reading about cooking, viewing cooking shows or eating, I think I will have to start inserting little comics about my life. Of course, that means that I'm going to have to get/learn/purchase a program that I can draw with, to transfer to said blog.  In the meantime, there is salsa!

                                  This is my salsa that I brought to work for the very same potluck that has me in a food coma and wondering if anyone will notice if I disappear under my desk, right next to the space heater, and take a nap.  Now I hear all of you saying "ALLISON, YOU DON'T NAP AND YOU KNOW IT"! I know, I know, but that does not stop me from being in love with the idea of napping, now, does it?

I may hate and detest not enjoy living in Alaska, but my heart is filled with gratitude for the incredible friends I have found here, the husband I love to be with, and the luck to have such a full life, with such comfort, when I know there are others in the world who don't enjoy those same priviledges.

Eat well, my friends, but don't eat too much..or you will end up a bloated, middle-aged woman fantasizing about going to sleep under your desk, right near the space heater.

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