Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a Wrap...

Sometimes, making a healthier choice (especially early in the day) can lead to yummy moments.  Case in point, although I was craving cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast, I did a u-turn and got a hummus wrap in a colorful tortilla in our work cafeteria.  I must hand it to them, they actually do have a variety of healthy options, and their Philly cheesesteak aint so bad (ok, so I was weak!) either.  The hummus wrap was the choice once I saw that the hummus dip-in-a-box no longer came with broccoli.  FOR SHAME!  Just the carrot sticks and pita wedges were not going to cut it with yours truly, oh no. 

I do go on, but here's the point; this wrap was HUGE! And delicious!  And crunchy!  Have a look....

Now for my vegan friends, I know there is cheese in that thar wrap, but oh well!  Even the tomato (which are usually watery tennis balls here in Alaska) was good.  They have modified the wrap since I last had it, and it now has shreds of carrot in it, vs. ungainly sticks that fall out of the wrap as you are eating it.  The combination of crunchy vegetables, creamy hummus and very fresh tortilla is a total WIN!  I think the other half pictured above is going to be lunch, I simply could not eat the whole thing.

What does your workplace, or favorite lunch spot get exactly right? Is it just delicious, or what?

Eat well my friends, and stay tuned for the ATTACK OF THE........

KILLER BRUSSEL SPROUTS! (stabbing motion and horror movie music in the background)... hahahaha Just kidding, you will never be a sprout-hatin' fool after I show you the tasty way I prepare them. Now, where did I leave the other half of that hummus wrap? Hmmmmmm

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