Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes, a gem is right under your nose, and you don't know it. For instance, Dear Husband and I are always on the prowl for decent Mexican food, after living in California, and enjoying a higher standard when it comes to that particular cuisine.

So, one day we are just driving along, minding our own beeswax, when the urge for Mexican food for lunch struck us.  We had literally just left the house, and were driving the Pixie-mobile around the corner when I noticed in a nearby strip mall right on Tudor Road a small sign saying; TACO KING! Go here for some reviews.

Being the queen of condiments, while Dear Husband was ordering, I helped myself to their generous toppings bar by getting some jalapenos,  hot salsa and pico de gallo.

Well yes, yes I know that there are not a lot of jalapeno peppers in that little tub.  Come on, I have to go to work, ya know. I can't be all a-flatulent at work now, can I?

How do you avoid the dreaded "tooting at work" issue? Don't tell me about that product that ryhmes with mean-o, it does not work for me!

Clearly I'm getting off topic. When we first discovered the lovely Taco King, I always had gringo chicken or gringo beef tacos. Oh, should see the GIANT, beautiful steaming bowls of menudo, and chicken tortilla soup coming by!  I swear by all that is tasty, as soon as there is snow on the ground, I'm going to nail one of those bowls. Of course, I will not be able to finish, their portions are amazing. So, if my evil plan works correctly, I will then have enough to take back to work, and sip on all the live-long day. YAY! and...OLE! 

Ok, on to the actual lunch. Dear Husband convinced me that his single chicken enchilada dish, smothered with lovely sauce, with the addition of a little salad on top (I know, right?) was the way to go. I finally caved like the cheap deck of cards that I am when it comes to persuasion, and had him order it for me as well.

Yes, the enchilada covered the entire plate, yes, Dear Husband was right, it was delicious! I rightly added some very hot hot sauce, some pico de gallo, and showing remarkable restraint, only one jalapeno. Perfect, cheap, filling and ....delicioso!  I must have been born under a lucky star, because afterward, the dish did not attack and destroy my intestinal fortitude.

Eat well, and adios for now me amigos!

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