Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pho-llen Angel

I did it. I admit it fully and freely, I fell off my self-imposed wagon, and got the Pho soup here at work.  The reason this soup has such an interesting history is both because of its taste, and its effect. Our workplace began making and serving the infamous Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) in the Fall of 2009. After I left a certain position in December (see evil boss post), I was no longer susceptible to the siren song magnet-like pull of the soup. I was relieved. Then, I returned to a new role - but at the same place....and danger was lurking right down the hall...

You see, this is no ordinary soup. This soup is a large (16 ounces!), made-to-order conglomeration of thin noodles, beef, seafood, or vegetarian with tofu, and crammed full of goodness so astounding, you cannot stop eating it. At all. You wish it came in a half size portion, but you know you'd be licking the inside of the container to get at the rest of the goodness. Here is beauty shot number one of the perpetrator...

Just LOADED with sprouts, tofu, shrimp, carrots, noodles, jalapenos (put there by me, of course) cilantro, scallions, mint and so many goodies I cannot remember them all! And yes, it was piping hot and outrageously delicious.  The problem is, you see, that it has a sodium content of over 800 mg!  Thus, my comment about the effects of consuming said goodness. Let's just say that bloat has never been a problem for me - well, that is until I tried the Pho here. You could tie a string to me, and I'd be your balloon, ok? What is funny/strange about this pho-nomenon, is (without giving it away exactly) I work at A MEDICAL FACILITY! You know, one of those places that stresses, um health? Final shot of the soup as I'm beginning to devour...

Did I mention that each vegetable retained it's crunch and texture, the jalapenos were fresh, and that the soup was every bit worth the impending balloon-age? Yep, sure was.

What do you eat, knowing the consequences are less-than-favorable?

The verdict? Well, I'm so glad I fell off the Pho-wagon, in a way. There are sometimes sacrifices we have to make to enjoy the flavors we love. Next stop? Making it myself! Eat well, my friends, and happy Friday tomorrow!


  1. I love making soups like this!

  2. Me labor intensive as they are, the results are always 100% worth it! Thanks for the comment!