Friday, October 22, 2010

Danger around every corner....

When achieving a desired goal, such as weight loss, one must protect oneself from the pitfalls of the plenty. By this I mean that generally speaking, as Americans we are surrounded by a variety and quantity of food that is really embarrassing. The nutritional quality of this food is usually not what it should be, either. Case in point...the other day my workplace had (of course) a bake sale. A co-worker purchased this...

Now at the outset, this might look like a perfectly healthy "fruit pizza". No. Let us be clear, when you pile fruit on top of cream cheese, on a cookie-dough crust? To my way of thinking, this completely negates any healthful benefit derived from the actual fruit. I think that many convince themselves that since there is fruit involved, it would actually be a healthy treat. I consider that very selective thinking, to say the least.

I steadfastly refused to have even one piece of it, although co-workers were pressuring me mightily. When they asked why I would not have any, I simply mentioned that I had lost six pounds and did not want to sabotage my hard-earned slimness. Instead, when I craved a little cheesy goodness, this is what I busted out of my lunch box.

A little sharp and delicious goat cheese with whole grain crackers. It's all about choices, you know? I have found that I do indeed have will power when it comes to food, and I'm proud of my choices.

What pressure did you stand up to, and how did it make you feel?

Eat well, my friends...and the meatloaf tutorial is coming soon....

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