Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've got a wedgie!

In the interest of revisiting some classics, and due to a rapidly deteriorating head of lettuce, I decided to make the 1950's staple, an iceberg lettuce wedge salad. I knew I needed an easy side dish, as my main course was a little intense, being a crab-and-shrimp stuffed flounder that needed my time and attention. 

Preparation is simple, you rinse out the lettuce quarters once they have been cut, and place them on paper towelling to dry. You dice up red bell pepper, scallions and whatever other vegetation you'd like to adorn the wedges. I have been known to fry bacon and crumble it over the top as well. Mine also has luscious bleu cheese crumbled over the top.  Then, place the wedge, open leaves facing up, on individual plates. Next, sprinkle all the vegetation, bleu cheese, bacon etc., over the top of the wedge. Sprinkle with a little salt, and very fresh cracked black pepper, and this should be your result.

My wedge was a little small compared to the rest of the bunch, so I bulked it up with a little sidecar of more lettuce. I mixed together ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, lemon juice and salt & pepper for my own home-made thousand island dressing, and doused the lettuce with every last bit of it.  The results?

Well, a little rough-chopped Italian flat-leaved parsley and we are in business! 

What retro-classic have you been working on? Is it diner-style meat loaf? Clams Casino? What is your favorite dish from back in the day?

The salad was cooling and delicious, and Dear Husband really enjoyed the textural aspect of the classic wedge salad, because crunching through the multiple layers of lettuce in each wedge, gives a whole new dimension to what your salad can be.

Eat well my friends, and stay tuned for a huge announcement!

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