Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Apple a Day.....

As you may well know from previous posts, I go to work in mortal fear of not having enough to munch on, while I complete my tasks, and keep my executives happy. This is simply irrational, I know. But, I am a grazer, not one of those people who can sit down, consume three large meals a day and be done with it! I feel it is healthier for the human body as well, since putting down large quantities inevitably makes me feel sluggish and overly-full. So, for work one day, in keeping with my desire to retain my newly-enjoyable weight loss, I brought this for breakfast.

A GIANT, HUGE, MUTANT Fuji apple, as well as my new love, Special K fruit crisps.  They are like a cross between a pop-tart, and a strudel. Crisp on the outside, but soft and fruit-a-licious on the inside. And no, they are not paying me to say this, I simply love them!  I am veering off topic faster than normal. Anyhoo, the point is; this apple is LARGE, large I tells ya! Just to show you how big it is, I put a standard-size bottled water next to it for this picture...

Now that is ONE BIG APPLE! New York City, eat your heart out! I sincerely doubt I will be able to eat the whole thing in one go. 

In my continuing effort to try to eat healthy work lunches (and since I clearly must have enough food to sustain me through a work day), I created a new salad-y mix up I called "Fall Salad". I call it that because to me the colors are very Autumn-like, as well as the flavors.

What do you make in certain seasons only? Do you crave roast turkey when it is not Thanksgiving? Christmas cookies in July? Do tell!

I threw arugula in my happy lunch box, along with red bell pepper, cucumber, scallions, red cabbage, pepperocini peppers, and chunks of lovely Danish Bleu Cheese. It looked almost too pretty to eat...almost...

I don't know, I guess the shape of the arugula leaves reminded me of trees losing their leaves this time of year, and it left me in a cozy Fall mood. I paired it with a slightly sweet dressing, Catalina, as a counterpoint to the sharpness of the peppers and arugula, and it was amazing, and I happily crunched through it all day at work.

Eat well, and happy grazing my friends...stay tuned for a step-by-step meatloaf tutorial...comfort food here we come!