Friday, December 10, 2010

Box Lunch

Today I was tired of the cooking-from-scratch in the hotel routine. Sooooo...I took a shortcut! Yes, I wandered into the frozen foods section of a local market. Braced for the impact of more chemicals and preservatives than an average human being has in their system - I was filled with trepidation, to say the least.  I happened to find a box called Tai Pei General Tso's chicken..AND it was under 2.50 for a box! I was skeptical, but I love the spicy flavor of the real dish, so I bought it.

A reasonable portion, for lunch at least. Well, I must say that I was completely unprepared to be smacked in the face with how delicious this product was! The sauce was actually spicy! The chicken was actually recognizable! Importantly as well - they did not stint on the expensive ingredients, such as red bell pepper and sugar snap peas. Incidentally, those vegetables retained their crispy crunchy texture...even after microwaving! I am in awe. Also, you know when you get a frozen supper of any sort, and the "broccoli florets" are actually the cheaper, stalk sections of the plant? No such stinginess here....the broccoli florets, were ACTUALLY florets! This will be my go-to brand of "Chinese take-out" without the wait, or the take-out prices. A close up, once I had microwaved it, and was ready to devour....

As I said, I am really impressed! Kudos to Tai Pei for a job very, very well done indeed. Well, as an afternoon snack (without falling into the chip n' dip, cheese n' crackers & other weighty stuff) trap, I decided to purchase a healthy snack. Just guess what I found, yet an unexpected place...

That's right....more frozen soybeans - without all the shelling necessary! That means instead of a bag filled with the pods as well as the actual soy beans, I got all beans....and for under 2.50 a bag! I promptly steam-cooked them in the tiny hotel microwave, and put them into a coffee cup for my afternoon snack...

Once again, I feel compelled to declare that eating healthy, even in a temporary living situation, is easy! If you try, or care. Also, I spent under six dollars for this healthy lunch, and snack. I know it is cheaper when you bring your lunch from home...but I do not have that option yet.

How do you stay strong and resist the evil snack fairy with healthy choices?

Tonight? Another adventure in microwave "cooking" (I know, right?). I will attempt to make, in my tiny "kitchen" (I will post a picture of my current cooking environment)...Swiss steak, baked potato, and salad. All with the tools at hand...which include; a dorm-size fridge, a small microwave, some spices and seasonings, and of course, my indispensable, sharp, wonderful Shun knife. Big shout out to R and Northern Knives in Anchorage, Alaska, for showing me a better way.

Eat well, my friends...and wish me luck in tonights' "hotel havoc fun" micro-cooking adventure! Love to all,


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