Sunday, December 5, 2010

Turkeys and Football and Food...Oh My!

People often ask me how hard is it, when you are travelling, and are unable to cook. "Awful" is my usual reply. The average person could probably compare it to going for three days without a shower or bath. And, it gets worse as time progresses (similar to the lack o' shower scenario). We left Anchorage a month ago yesterday. As difficult as being in transition is...there are some bright and shiny moments. Like the big game (Ohio State vs. Michigan) IN Ohio, WITH actual Buckeye fans. Dear Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the annual "kicking Michigans' can" game in style...

But, as usual, I'm getting ahead of myself. As a foodie in transit, my extended family in Ohio are well aware of my all-consuming desire to cook. Luckily, we made it here before Thanksgiving, a food-aholics most enjoyable holiday. Be careful (again) what you wish for, however, because before I could say "giblets", dear sister-in-law D asked me to cook the actual Thanksgiving turkey! What to do? I risked being labelled a shirker if I turned them down ~ a "fake foodie" if you will. I risked ridicule if I did not perform up to snuff as well. Well, as it turned out, I brined the bird overnight in a water/salt/sugar/spices solution, and made stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potato casserole, and apple walnut galettes to boot! The verdict?

This was the best turkey I've ever made! Other than deep-frying, I have never had a more delicious turkey. I will never roast one again without brining. When Dear Brother-in-law sliced the breast, I could see juices running out of was that moist! The other dishes came out wonderfully as well. Do click on those recipes if you care to duplicate...fantastic! AND....I must say, that was my first time making both the sweet potato casserole, and the apple-walnut galettes. They were both amazing and delicious.

Another shot of the birdy....and yes, since I did not have my usual accoutrement's, that IS parsley sticking out of the cavity...

Now, as a road-weary person who really enjoys eating healthy, you may wonder what I do during the work week. There are ways to get around the fast-food, or dining out rut, and I'm here to tell you, they are easier than you think. For instance, within walking distance of our hotel, there are no less than SIX fast-food establishments. Do I fall into that trap? No. There is also a supermarket! So I just bundle my little self up, and start walking, cloth grocery bags in hand. To my surprise and delight, just look at what I found in a wee little grocery store, in West Virginia, no less!

That's right, good ole' Indian food...healthy, tasty and in a pouch which is easy to dump into a microwave-safe container and heat. The aforementioned grocer had, of all things, produce! So, with plastic snap-shut containers as my new best friend, I made this!

My portion is the one on the left, liberally sprinkled with lovely Gorgonzola crumbled blue cheese. And then there was this...

Can I overstate the obvious here? It is not hard to eat healthy, even while you are in transition. It's cheaper, keeps you from getting "travel tummy". and makes you feel a little bit like you are cooking.

What do you do to stay feeling well and satisfied when you travel? Do you succumb to the convenience or restaurant scenes? How do you snap out of that trap?

Eat well, my friends, and stayed tuned....we may have finally landed a new pixie-land (house) for the next round of culinary fun.  Love and kindness to all,


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