Friday, February 11, 2011

Food, Furniture and Fun!

I am postponing my post on ciabatta bread from scratch, as I am too busy staring at the new furniture that arrived in Pixie-land this morning. 

Those who know me will tell you that the road to this day has been long. We, as a family have endured many hard times, both financially and otherwise...and to arrive at this moment is nothing less than a celebration. I've moved around this earth so much, and for so long...that being someplace for more than a year is significant.  I have endured losses that to me, are profound, and irreparable. However, there are times in your life that can indeed heal your heart, and make it soar with hope. one of those times.

All past sacrificing, all maniacal, mean people...all are fading in a cloud of peaceful existence. Dear Husband told me many years ago "I will always be there to repaint your rainbow, if ever it should fade" ~  he has always kept his word, and honored me with respect and love. For this alone, I am eternally grateful. 

Sidebar note.......

GOAT CHEESE & HONEY!!!! BEST........SNACK.......EVER!  Why? Well, because goat cheese has a tang to it, and if you've tasted it, you know what I mean. I can take it on it's own...but honey just takes it to a whole new level of yum-factor.

Eat well my friends, stay tuned for the ciabatta post, and look around at the fact that you have something to sit on, and be grateful. Love and kindness to all,


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