Monday, February 28, 2011

Marching into the Future

I know, I KNOW....I promised to blog about making ciabatta bread from scratch....but there have been ISSUES! Issues with a capital "I"! Like, closing on our house...oh, and the fact that the little hooskadoo (it's a real word, just ask my former co-workers!) that takes the pictures from the camera (it's an SD memory card)...suddenly just quit on me! Well, fast forward to today, the last day of February, and suddenly, it is working again. Ahhhh the vagaries of the computer chip.  BUT.... I digress....there has also been...THIS

                                                       Oooooh.....cherry pie! AND.....there was THIS!

                                                             Coconut Cream Pie

Dear Husband had someone leaving the company, and simply HAD to have desserts to bring to the farewell bash, and yours truly had to get baking! You know how much I just ADORE baking, right? Ah well, it had to be done. I must say, I am getting better at this whole dessert thing. I guess practice does make for irritability perfect results. Ahem.

Eat well, my friends...stay tuned for Spring fun from my kitchen, the ciabatta adventure...and most importantly....THE RUBBER CHICKEN POST! Love and kindness to all,


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