Sunday, April 24, 2011

As the Earth Turns

No, it's not all Foodie Heaven up here in Pixie-Land. I know, try to hide your shock and surprise..there are boxes to unpack! Clothes to wash! Cleaning to be done! Window treatments to be purchased...the list goes on and on. BUT...the most important thing has yet to be revealed! What is it? Well, this is what greeted me not long after we first moved in. This is late December, and what the "back forty" looked like.

I envisioned a kitchen garden out filled with beautiful, organic vegetables. After all, one can't participate in the art form of cooking at it's purest, with chemical and preservative-filled food, now, can one? you can see...all I could do was to stare out there, and long for Spring. Fast-forward to March, and the snow is gone! BUT...I had no tiller, no power tools, no young person to put to work for me. What could I do?  The answer: start anyway. They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Here is step one....I took a shovel, and outlined where I'd like the garden to be....

You can see the line on the right side of the picture...clearly, I had a long row to hoe......literally. Then, with hope in my heart (and anti-inflammatory meds by the nightstand), I shovel-full at a time.

There were times I thought I would never finish, that's for sure. It was back-breaking, difficult labor....but a labor of love, to be sure. The saying is that to work the earth is good for the soul surely must have been in good shape by now...I kept going...

It was beginning to look like a garden! The hardest part was still ahead of me. Separating the clumps of grass, one by one...and retaining the soil. Weeks passed...sometimes I was so exhausted, I was tucked in before eight at night. The problem with middle that you have all the passion of your youth, the wisdom attained by age, and a lack of physical strength and stamina that you used to have! I pressed on....trips to the home improvement store soon followed....and one day in April.....there it was.

My vision was real. It finally happened! Through hard work....just me....a shovel, and the luxury of time.  Eat well my friends, pursue your dreams with passion and true work, and stay tuned for the lovely vegetables that the new Pixie-Patch will produce!'s approximately 15 feet wide, and forty feet long! 

What project or achievement are you most proud of? What did you do to MAKE it happen for yourself and your family?

Love and kindness (and healthy produce) to all,



  1. How exciting!! I hope to start a garden soon, too, when we move this coming month. I look forward to more postings as your garden grows!