Thursday, April 28, 2011

What an Eggcellent Idea!

I know, I get carried away with the corny post titles...what can I say? I'm strange funny like that! Although I'm a foodie and cooking freak of the highest order, I'm weird about something. What? Well, it's strange (don't look so surprised, now), but....I cannot stand to eat in the mornings. I have my coffee, to be sure, but actual solid food? No. Makes me nauseous, seriously. However, today was an exception (eggception?). I had just finished two hours of very hard labor....mowing the large lawn here in, I don't's big....see?

Needless to the time I was done, I was absolutely famished! Then, the thought of a simple omelet, filled with some leftovers from last nights' supper, appealed to me tremendously.  I had made one of my weeknight's called Cowboy Spaghetti. Go HERE for the recipe. It's easy, and I enjoy it's smoky flavor as a nice change from regular Italian-style spaghetti sauce.  Can you believe that some are intimidated by the humble omelet? It's easy...let me show you. First, I got the usual suspects together..

An egg, some Vermont sharp white cheddar, the leftover Cowboy Spaghetti sauce, some scallions, and a jar of pickled jalapenos...because, as you already know...I'm spicy like that. :)  I melted some cholesterol-free margarine in my non-stick skillet, like so..

Then, scrambled one egg in a measuring cup, with a little half and half..yes, just one egg...come on now, remember our Pixie-portions! It will be enough....I promise!

Then pour into the skillet, and swirl the pan around, so that the egg coats the bottom this..

Now, we're on to the fun part...building the yummy insides of our omelet. First, I spooned in some of the leftover spaghetti sauce (this is a lot like a chili-cheddar omelet)...

Then, some thinly sliced green onion goes in...keep that heat nice and low, now...that egg is steadily cooking while you are building the insides of it...

Then, I added my little zingy pickled jalapenos...

Now, for the crowning touch...I grated over enough lovely sharp white cheddar to suitibly cover the surface of the whole shebang...

Now comes the part that people are a little bothered by...the flip. If you've taken your time filling that protein-packed-puppy up, the egg will be completely cooked, and the filling quite warm by now. Carefully slide your spatula under one side to make sure, like this...

Fear not, and carefully flip that entire side over to the other edge...and don't worry if it does not look perfect....practice next time! You should have a little half-moon kinda thingy, like this...

Now, the whole thing is cooked through and ready to plate...just bring your skillet to the plate, and slide off! Yes, it's that easy!

I garnished with some additional green onions, and chopped basil and cilantro from the Pixie-Patch..

I wish I had some salsa..that would have been great on the omelet, too.  It looked a little lonely just sitting there, so I segmented a grapefruit, and this was my late-morning-after-mowing breakfast!

How was it? Let me just say that everything on that plate disappeared with astonishing speed. And yes, it was fantastic! I get hungry just looking at it! Hmmmm, wonder what I'll put in the next one?

What "difficult" dish can you do with ease? Did it surprise you that you can do it?

What did Kitchen Angel think? I went to find her, and heard the unmistakable sounds of the song "Born to Be Wild" and a motorcycle engine....what the hey?

Unreal. I know it's Spring and all, but......really? Holy Toledo. Eat well, my friends. Love and kindess to all...


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