Friday, March 21, 2014

Fruity Friday!

You know the are back in the WANT to eat something that is going to fuel your day. Step AWAY from that donut, I tells ya! Just take that extra five minutes in the morning, and throw a bunch of lovely, ripe, healthy fruit in your lunch box/bag/container o' choice, and BRING it. Now, that was not difficult, was it?
Now, that may look like it was a lot of fuss, but, honestly, it was not! Then peel a little, place in an attractive manner on your desk, and enjoy! You know something else? Just taking that extra five minutes now means that your five-a-day serving of! Before you know it, you will have crunched down that apple, sampled the strawberries, munched the mango, etc. You get my drift.

Eat well, my friends, eat healthy so that you can have a productive workday. And take care of you ~ you are a unique, and special person.
Love and kindness to all,

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