Thursday, March 20, 2014

Healthy Lunch Bunch ~ Again

Well, today I begin showing you that it is easy to eat well, even with a full-time job, and taking care of your typical household. I began the day with a lovely, chocolate-dipped granola bar, and a seedless mandarin orange (not shown).
Hey!  Man cannot eat ONLY healthy stuff - chocolate is GOOD for the soul, ok? That's all I sayin'....I knew you'd understand. Then, on to my main meal, an Amy's Organic Indian vegetable curry. Oh, man is this good.

Lots of lentils in a spicy gravy, vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce very much like a tikka masala sauce, and rice with peas.  But, the finishing touch to today's lunch, is what I liked the best....

A beautiful medley of green leaf lettuce, sugar snap peas, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pepperocini peppers, and a smidge of bleu cheese. Doused in my homemade vinaigrette?

A vision of loveliness, indeed. With the textures of creamy from the bleu cheese, crunchy from the lettuce, snap peas and sunflower seeds, and chewy from the dried cranberries, this salad has it all! I'm going to make this one over and over! The pepperocinis added a nice little zing, as did the mustardy vinaigrette.
I did not go hungry, there was quite enough food to keep me going all day, the meal was as tasty as it was filling, and I did not spend a fortune at the cafeteria or a restaurant (not to mention eat potential junk food). What do you do to combat boring sandwhiches, or spending ten bucks on lunch? Eat well, my friends, and stay tuned for more great food, and.....dare I say it? THE KITCHEN ANGELS!
Love and kindness to all,

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