Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello to Spring!

Hi there! Welcome back! Yes, it's been way too long. Let us not dwell on that, I have some wonderful and exciting new posts coming this Spring, as well as the "Garden Report". We are loving life here in beautiful Tennessee, and as the fruit trees begin to burst into blossom, so shall my posts. So, without further adieu, welcome back to Pixie~Land, and look forward to great food,
wonderful garden treats, and of course the return of the Kitchen Angels.
Just to tempt your palate, here is what the Pixie-Palace produced for Dear Husband on a recent Anniversary.
Yes sir, we went old-school New England style lobster-o-rama! I can't wait for the next post, and my new obsession - healthy work lunches. Do you get sick of boring fast food, or a lame sandwich? Yup, me too. We need to fix that! I'm not sure about you, but I want something tasty, healthy, and that I can really look forward to ripping into at work. So, stay tuned....and as a famous character says; I'm BAAAAACKKKK!!!
Love and kindness (and happy Springtime!) to all,

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