Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not Just a Sandwich....

Today, I did something radically different for lunch! I found a bag of meat-free "chicken" strips, and since I'm contantly fascinated by how vegans and vegetarians manage to eat healthy food without skimping on flavor, I decided to do it myself! Voila - this is a Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich, made with meat-free chicken strips.

I simply sauteed the strips in low-sodium soy sauce with a little raw sugar (to simulate teriyaki sauce), and grated some carrot into a little rice vinegar, for a quick pickled carrot. Then, simply layered lettuce, cilantro, the fake chicken strips, green onion, cucumber, the drained carrot, and a little jalapeno and hot sauce.

The verdict? Amazing. The "chicken" strips had virtually the same taste and texture as real chicken, and the sandwich tasted fresh, healthy and, well....zingy! I really did not notice that I was eating a healthy sandwich....just a delicious one!

Eat well, my friends and stay tuned for gourmet sweets, and other wonderful treats!

Love and kindness to all,



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